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About us at baldspot CanadaThere are many other website online that promote many different hair loss products but baldspot.ca offers you not only a proven treatment option for your thinning hair or bald spots we offer you a free service to help you educate yourself on the many different variations of Alopecia areata (AA).

We source and are affiliated with only the best most effective products out there to treat thinning hair or hair loss.

We have sourced a variety of herbal supplements, liquid formulas and capsule products to treat hair loss and help regrow hair. You will find unique, safe and effective products that help people put the hair back on their heads where it belongs and keep it there.

You will find that we offer only the best proven blends of Shampoos and Conditioners are made from all natural ingredients and will get your hair looking younger, fuller and healthier.

Our manufactures have formulated a unique and highly effective line of all natural hair loss and hair care solutions. It is our goal to provide our consumers with Proven product made from the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients available and are proven to work.

All of our products on baldspot.ca have been Proven as we conducted investigations into each manufacturer or distributor for each product listed before they are posted on baldspot.ca.The products have to work and the manufacturer has to prove it.

Products and service reviews are completed by baldspot.ca by either sending out a survey and get customer feedback on service effectiveness or requesting actual audit results from the manufacturer or distributor. We review the information and decide if the product and services meet consumer expectations, If they do they are listed, if not, they are not listed on baldspot.ca.

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