Bald Spot Pictures

Here are some bald spot pictures to help you recognize that you may not be the only one with a bald spot.

Many people suffer from hair loss, thinning hair and bald spots including pets. It’s estimated that 9 million people in North America have some version of hair loss helping to easily create these bald spot pictures for you.

Fact is Androgenetic alopecia causes thinning hair, hair loss and male and female pattern baldness in 80% of men and up to 50% of women.

You will find that each of our bald spot pictures has a name, cause and suggestion to fix it. Not all bald spots are serious as we feel you can have fun while being bald at the same time.

Bald Spot Caused By Ring Worm

Bald Spot Caused By Ring Worm

It starts a s a small pimple on the scalp and starts to infect the area around the starting location killing off the hair follicles. It can be treated but you have to catch it early. I used a product called Profollica and my hair grew back in. This is a 3 part system that addressed many causes of thinning hair and in my cause a bald spot on my head. It’s treatable when you can catch it in time.



Balding Caused By Lack Of Nutrition

Lack of nutrientsHair requires nutrients to grow and a lack of nutrition can actually starve the dermal papilla creating thinning hair and then hair loss. Many men and women wait until it’s too late before they start treatment in if the hair follicle is dead then there is no bringing it back to life. Start taking a hair loss vitamin at the first sign of thinning hair to prevent further loss.

Proper diet can supply vitamins and minerals but often time it’s just too hard to try and keep up with eating right. Natural sources for key ingredients can be very difficult to find and often times you cannot get the amount you require to effectively stop thinning hair or to get your hair to grow faster so hair loss vitamins are the only way to go.



Medical Hair Removal Bald Spot

Shaved Bald SpotDue to the cut on the head, doctors removed the hair from around the wound so the hair would not interfere. His hair will grow back in slowly so if you faced with this scenario or a bad hair cut you should consider taking hair loss vitamins.

Hair Plus Combo Deal

Hair Plus from Verseo

To help accelerate hair growth you need to super charge the hair follicles and a products called Hair Plus can help grow you hair back faster.


Accidental Bald Spot

Bald spot accidentThis guy accidentally cut a bald spot into his hair with a razor. Lucky for him it will grow back. A bad hair cut can be corrected quickly with a product called Hair Plus.

It’s a 28-day hair growth accelerator treatment formulated with vital vitamins and proteins resulting in thicker hair. Clinical tests show Hair Plus can increase hair growth up to 123% in just 28 days. As a result, Hair Plus from Verseo is now among the best selling hair growth shampoo and conditioner products available.

 Vertex Bald Spot

Bald Spot on the VertexMost me will experience this type of hair loss at the vertex of the scalp. An estimated 98% of all hair loss products will focus on the type of bald spot so if you have a receding hairline you will need to make sure of the type of bald spot product your buying so it will work for that area.

Vertex baldness refers to a form of male pattern baldness in which the baldness is limited to the vertex, resembling a tonsure.




Female Receding Hairline

Female receding hairlineFemale receding hairline is rare but is extremely noticeable and embarrassing. It will affect post-menopausal women over the age of 40 mainly.

Menopause and hair loss can go hand in hand because it will slow the rate at which the female hormone estrogen and androgen are produced and there is actually less estrogen being created then there is androgen and it’s this imbalance that initiates thinning of hair.



Bald Spot Caused By Thinning Hair

Hugh Laurie thinning hairEven the stars can join the hair loss club as you can see by Hugh Laurie’s thinning hair. Hugh is sporting and nice thinning scalp that may have been prevented with a proven hair loss treatment.

Most men lose hair on the top of the scalp because of a hormone called DHT. Use a DHT blocker and add proven hair loss vitamins to your diet.




Dandruff Caused Bald Spots

Seborrheic dermatitis hair lossIf you notice the dandruff is yellow or greasy, it may be seborrheic dermatitis. This is an inflammatory skin condition, occurring where there are a lot of oil glands usually on the scalp and face. This condition is related to hormones, fungus or even neurological problems. You should see your doctor for possible treatment options but I would caution you on prescription medication side effects.



If you have bald spot pictures you would like to share visit our Contact Us page and let me know. We may just use your bald spot pictures on this site for others to learn from and help them identify common hair loss causes and what they may look like visually.

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