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Natural Treatments For Bald Spots

Natural Treatments

When using natural treatments for bald spots you need to catch the problem early to make a quick and effective difference. One of the early signs of a bald spot can be thinning in the area the size of a quarter or a pimple on the head unless your bald spot is caused by something else. See bald spot causes.

One thing to keep in mind is that hair does grow very slow and it will take patience when using natural treatments for bald spots. If you are like most people, you don’t have time to wait months and months, you want results fast. If this sounds like you then you should be looking at proven bald spot treatments instead of natural remedies.

Natural Treatments For Bald Spots At Home

  • Self Message Of the Bald Spot – Hair follicles require blood circulation and rubbing the bald spot for 10 – 15min everyday will help stimulate hair growth. When you message the scalp your actually pushing the blood out of the skin forcing it to rush back in again. This repeated cycle then stimulates to hair follicles into growing.
  • Oils For Hair Growth – It’s no secret that certain natural oils like jojoba, lavender, Eclipta alba Bhringaraj oil and rosemary can stimulate hair growth as these have been used for centuries. If you look up natural home remedies for bald spots these oils will be on the list. Again it’s the stimulation of the scalp that these oils cause that really stimulates hair growth.
  • Get Crackin – Egg yoke mixed with coconut milk, rubbed on the bald spot 3 times a week provides a natural softening of the hair and skin creating a healthy environment of the hair to grow. Egg yolk is a wonderful source of protein and furnishes the scalp with required nourishment, thereby leading to growth of healthier and shinier hair.
  • Grind lime seeds and black pepper in equal quantities in a small amount of water and apply this on the bald spot daily. The pepper tends to irritate the scalp skin increasing circulation to the follicles.
  • Mustard oil boiled with henna leaves is also useful in healthy growth of hair in thinning or balding areas. About 250 grams of mustard oil should be boiled with 100 grams of henna leaves and applied to the bald spot. Also applying the juice of green coriander leaves on the bald spot will also help hair grow.
  • A fine paste made from pigeon pea or red gram can also be applied as a natural treatment for bald spots and hair loss including thinning hair.
  • Although there is some debate about using Aloe Vera for hair loss if it’s mixed with the herbal powder triphala and applied to the scalp in the thinning areas will stimulate hair growth.
  • Garlic Recipe for a natural treatment for thinning hair and bald spots.

Natural Ingredients:

1 tablespoon οf aloe gel
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon garlic juice
2 egg yolks
3 tablespoons οf chamomile (tea bag content іѕ simple tο υѕе)
24 oz Water


1) Peel garlic аnd υѕе a garlic press tο squeeze out juice

2) Mix the garlic juice wіth honey аnd рlасе thе bowl іn thе refrigerator

3) Boil water wіth chamomile tea fοr аbουt 30 minutes and stir occasionally

4) Whеn tea іѕ ready, remove bowl wіth thе honey аnd juice οf garlic frοm thе fridge

5) Mix thе egg yolk іn garlic juice / honey mix

6) Thе gel οf aloe.

7) Take thе mixture on the tips of the fingers and rub gently іntο уουr bald spot. Keep a towel handy for any drippings.

8) Leave on the scalp fοr 20 minutes then rub egg yolk on the area for at least 15 seconds the wash it out with warm water and a neutral shampoo (Johnson‘s baby shampoo).

9) Finally, wash your hair wіth previously prepared chamomile tea.

It’s recommended to use this mixture once a week. Yου should notice some improvement within a month οr ѕο, if not consider taking some hair vitamins.

If you do want to deal with a bald spot naturally then you will want to review some natural treatments to for bald spots here.

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