Preventing Bald Spots

Prevent A Bald Spot

Prevention is Best

Remember you always want to prevent your balding area from spreading but ultimately you need to stop it before it gets started. This is because depending on the cause it can permanently kill the hair follicles and hair will never regrow back again.

Here are ways to prevent bald patches that you can try at home including products that regular stores carry and you can pick cheaply. Based on customer feedback you can try these successful treatments shared by other folks with the exact same problems.

Preventing Bald Spots Steps

1. Switch to cooler showers as hot water increases the bacteria levels in the scalp and can help spread the bald spot.

2. Use only a hair loss shampoo like Profollica and try to keep the scalp as cleanse as possible.

3. To prevent hair loss and stress caused bald spots avoid tight hair styles for prolonged periods of time. The constant pulling stresses the hair follicles.

4. Massage your scalp for at least 15 minutes to increase the circulation to the hair follicles. You can tell when it’s working because you scalp will begin to get hot.

5. Home remedies include applying coconut oil or castor oil to your bald spot.

6. You can also try mixing aloe Vera gel and coconut oil together and rubbing into your scalp then leaving it for around forty five minutes. Rinse it out with lukewarm water and repeat three times a week.

7. Another home remedy to help increase the circulation in the bald spot is to scrub the bald spot with an onion until it turns red and then apply honey. This will help prevent it from spreading also but increase the circulation in the scalp.

8. Take hair loss vitamins for bald spots. These types of vitamins supply the body with nutrients that will first help the hair follicles grow the hair or prevent them from falling out. Hair requires certain nutrients to grow but other natural herbs have been clinically proven to stimulate hair growth thus triggering hair regrowth.

These tips to prevent balding spots will help you in just a few short weeks as they combat the all the different bald spot causes.

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